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Both refugees & locals need your support!


Come with your friends for holiday to the beautiful island of Lesvos. Of course it is important to press in your country, your politicians to find solutions, but in the same time locals need the tourists as part of their normal life. Donate to: odysseas our small organisation offering language courses to refugees –and […]

Daphne, Iannis & Quilombo are coming to Germany!

Presentations of Daphne’s children book “Quilombo, the scruffy little elephant” have been organised in three German towns. Most of the presentations take place in schools but 3 of them are open to public, in Libraries or Bookshops. It will be fun to see you, if you are around! Tell also your friends to join you, […]

Daphne one the four “Righteous of Hospitality” honoured by Gariwo, the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide

Daphne one the four “Righteous of Hospitality” honoured by Gariwo, the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide

Three amazing days full of emotions and incredible hospitality from the municipality of Milano together with the organisers of Gariwo.

Daphnes speech at Youtube. Photos and read in English a big part of Daphnes speech look at our […]

Daphnes new book in now available also in Germany.

“Quilombo, der kleine, schmutzige Elefant”. You can order this wonderful book at Vamos-Reisen page at:

You can also find Articles & presentation of the book at:

From the kids’ book “Quilombo: the scruffy little elephant” (Metaichmio), written by Daphne Vloumidi – owner with […]

Congratulations to Daphne and Odysseas, Celebrate 14 & 15 March in Milan/Italy

We are happy to share our latest news. Our Daphne has been honoured as one of the “Righteous of Hospitality” by Gariwo, the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide; a non-profit organisation in the service of memory.*

Now that normal life is returning to our beautiful Lesvos, it was a surprise for us too and […]


Following the agreement between the EU and Turkey changes were required as there were less refugees in transit and many more adults and children requiring longer term aid in Lesvos.

Odysseas being on the spot was immediately able to meet the new daily challenges that came with these changes.

Odysseas was happy to be able […]

News from Lesbos

June: 2015: Once again “Foreigners on Lesvos are not only Tourists”. This year there are more “transit” refugees than before as a result of the wars and ISIS extensions in Middle East.

We think it is time to give you some news […]

Report from Georgios

I send you this to inform you about the educational programs of P.I.K.P.A. for the last two months and generally for the entire year. This season, I have been working with three classrooms of different levels. The whole course consists mainly of children aged 8 to 17 years, a part consisting of two children who […]


Seit August 2014 finden in Pikpa regelmäßig Griechischkurse statt, die von ODYSSEAS organisiert werden. Kurse für unterschiedliche Nieveaus werden von dem Griechischlehrer Georgios angeboten. Neben dem Unterricht finden auch Exkursionen statt, um die Kenntnisse zu üben und die griechische Kultur kennen zu lernen.


Töpfer Kurs|Pottery Course

Experimentally in May 2012 a Pottery Course in Agiassos was started. The procect was continued by ODYSSEAS beginning of 2013 until the Villa Azadi was closed and the refugees left Agiassos in summer 2013.

Why a Pottery course:

Refugees’ education level is very heterogeneous. A pottery course brings all of them in the same level. […]