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Both refugees & locals need your support!


  • Come with your friends for holiday to the beautiful island of Lesvos. Of course it is important to press in your country, your politicians to find solutions, but in the same time locals need the tourists as part of their normal life.
  • Donate toodysseas our small organisation offering language courses to refugees –and not only!

On Lesvos the refugee situation is as difficult as it was last years with main issue that there is not enough organised  place for them – considering the asylum process takes two or more years. Additionally right now there are some “small” differences that make Moria/Lesvos more “spicy” for the Mass Media:

  • Refugees/migrants: living in a tent in wintertime, is not the same as in the summer!
  • Politics: The new government, before election last summer, has promised “no refugees”. Now they say “it is a geographical problem”.  Because they were not prepared, they now often express funny ideas like “we are going to put a floating border in the sea”… “Funny”, but good food for the MM.
  • Locals:  the local people are becoming angry against our government and EU because they feel abandoned and unique victims in a global issue. It is sad what happens right now: Already many locals feel victims, forgetting that the real victims are the refugees.

The contradiction is:

  • Government:  proposing new controlled camps for the new incomers.
  • Locals -not able to accept their european geographical destiny- only say “take them from the island” or “give us our island back”.
  • Migrants: they see now that the locals press government and EU for a solution so, they had a demonstration in the town last week with the police showing clearly their existence.
  • Mass Media:  They have all the ingredients they need. Writing about Moria in the best case they make some europeans more sensible but mostly what they do is to cultivate the fear that Islam will “conquest” Brussels!!!!!!!!!
  • EU: some countries like Germany wish (or pretend they wish) to find a solution for the islands. Some (most of them) try to avoid the conversation!

After two months of negotiations between local and central government, the central one has decided, with low in the parliament, to build one new camp in every island (Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Kos, Leros). Local politicians will pretend they don’t agree for not accepting they told lies before elections to their voters.

We believe that today both refugees and locals need support from Europe. US, who is the most responsible for the problems is far away… and Trumped.

Our small organisation odysseas is offering Greek lessons for young migrants. By learning some Greek they are more able to come in contact with the local community and maybe find a job. We have employed already two young refugees at Votsala.

Daphne & Iannis are visiting schools, reading Daphnes book Quilombo De, Quilombo EnQuilombo ItQuilombo GR with their figure-theatre. We try to tell the little ones that we all come from different places and that to be/look different is also OK!  We transform this way our little friendly elephant to “a fighter against the culture of hate”.

  • Quilombo is too young and too small to do all the job.
  • Locals feel much abandoned and isolated.

The situation: Lesvos is as safe as always has been. Of course, during the last 5 years, there are “different” people that  you can see  on the way out of Mytilini town, walking, talking, smiling, shopping, fishing.  We have been on Lesvos few days ago. The only ‘problem” we had, one day, is that we have been diverted to a ring road as we were driving from Thermi to the centre of the capital. We did peacefully our jobs and shopping while about 2000 Afghani have demonstrated at the harbour. Coming home we have watched the news in the TV and we thought the reporters are talking for another place! Next day we gave a lift with our van to a young couple from Afghanistan. We tried to apologise, feeling that locals maybe are not so nice with them… They told us, with real smiles in there faces, that although the conditions are bad at the camp, the good thing is that Greeks are very nice with them!!!!!! This honest answer counts for us more than a reportage on the TV or the mess of the politicians.

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