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Congratulations to Daphne and Odysseas, Celebrate 14 & 15 March in Milan/Italy

We are happy to share our latest news. Our Daphne has been honoured as one of the “Righteous of Hospitality” by Gariwo, the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide; a non-profit organisation in the service of memory.*

Now that normal life is returning to our beautiful Lesvos, it was a surprise for us too and brought back memories full of emotion from the refugee crisis of 2015.

Daphne appreciates this honour enormously and feels humbled by the recognition for her devotion to helping people in need. At the same time, Daphne feels that each one of you who’ve helped by acting locally during the very special year 2015 or by supporting since 2012 should share this honour with her.

Every year the organisation Gariwo ”honours people who have helped victims of persecution, defended human rights, safeguarded human dignity in extreme situations and those who have tried and are trying to prevent crimes of genocide”.

Trees will be planted in honour of each of this year’s four recipients in the area of Monte Stella Hill in Milan where the space has been dedicated to the Righteous Worldwide since its creation in 2003.
Here you can find some more information about the celebration and here the reference to Daphne. We’ve also attached the poster of the ceremony.

Of course we will both be there and will be so happy to see any of you who can make it.

PS * These gardens are planted with trees symbolically representing the Righteous, following the example of the Yad Vashem Garden of the Righteous in Jerusalem. The term Righteous comes from the Bible, which states that “whoever saves a life saves the whole world”


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