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Report from Georgios

I send you this  to inform you about the educational programs of P.I.K.P.A. for the last two months and generally for the entire year. This season, I have been working with three classrooms of different levels. The whole course consists mainly of children aged 8 to 17 years, a part consisting of two children who have started at the beginning of the courses, they can now talk and discuss oral and written very well, the one of two children can help as an interpreter and also for  issues outside the classroom. Still, it’s important to me helps to translation with the other two more new sections. In September I believe will be able to give the state exam on the first proficiency level. The other two sections that have more people consists of three families as children and their parents occasionally. In these last two months I try intensively and I have put more emphasis on reading and writing while I try to slowly do the first steps in speaking. I would also like to inform you that in April I asked from a local school for books which we provided free of charge and so the lesson became much more interesting .The last month, engaged in attempts to describe images from books written and oral.
Finally, do some activities outside the classroom such as theatrical performances (something that they found it very interesting as not had contact with it never again), on the field where we play football and volleyball and we came closer. I send you some pictures of the lesson and a walk we had made in the supermarket in order to learn food and vegetables.I hope see you soon maybe during the summer, thank you for all.

Respectfully yours,

Griechischunterricht I

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